[title size=”2″]ATM Housekeeping Service[/title]

Provides general cleaning and housekeeping activities such as:

  • Dusting of ceiling, walls & floor
  • Removal of Cob-Webs
  • Cleaning of the furniture and fixtures
  • Dusting of Poster frames, AC Vents, Writing Ledge, ATM Machine
  • Vacuuming of the premises
  • Wet Mopping of the floor and entrance to the ATM Site
  • Glass Door Cleaning
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Deodorizing of the ATM site
  • Pest eradication
  • Floral arrangements and green cleaning

MAASENTEREPRISERS has specialty in Deep cleaning; Deodorizing, Disinfecting and Sanitizing; Signage board cleaning and maintenance; vacuuming walls, ceilings, corners and crevices.

Electrical Maintenance

  • Maintenance of Power Distribution, Lighting panels and Transformers
  • Repairs and replacements of Electrical Fuses, Switches & Power cords
  • Ensure proper grade electrical wiring and cabling
  • Signage and Kiosks electrical repairs
  • LAN, Modem, Hot-Line Cabling

MAASENTERPRISERS provides services for Banks and ATMs. We are providing, “Care & Clean” service like caretaking, housekeeping, general maintenance, utility bill payments etc.

We are handling more than 500 ATM sites across the state. We have our own specialized Supervising & Technical teams in each area of the Region. Our team attending ATM related services issues with in the TAT on 24X7 bases.

We are associated with major ATM providing companies like “Euronet service India Pvt Ltd”, “AGS Transact and Technologies Pvt Ltd” etc.., We are also associated with Bank like AXIS, ICICI , etc.

[title size=”2″]Our Clients[/title]

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